September 25, 2015

Willem released!

My new Comtois stallion, Willem, has been taken into production and is ready to order! You can find photos, sales info and PayPal buttons in the Sculpture Shop.

I also have a number of unpainted resins from previous (sold out) editions here at the studio, and I'm ready to part with these guys. :)
If you order a Willem and want to buy one of these the prices are:

Fuerte, €100 each (1 available)
Faran, €125 (1 available)
Madoc, €50 each (2 available)
Yago, €50 each (3 available)

If you want to buy one or more of these separately, please email me for a shipping quote.

Are you waiting for the new micro minis? Those who buy one or more Willems now will be offered a discount on the micro sets when they become available in October.