September 28, 2019

Encanto photos

Ever since I made my first curio scale Iberian, Faran, my dream was to create a similar sculpture in traditional scale. For some reason, this turned out to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried. I started the armature in 2012, worked on the sculpture off and on, but it wasn't until the beginning of this year that things finally started to 'click'. And here he is, exactly as I envisioned him to be: Encanto!

Limited to 100 pieces + artist’s copies. Sales info coming soon!
Click here to see the complete photo album. 

September 19, 2019

The fifth sister

Ever wondered what the cobra mares seem to be looking for in the distance? Their fifth sister!

Preciosa, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. She is on her way to join her four famous sisters.

They (and their owner) are looking forward to the family reunion.