May 28, 2020

Slow Boats To Europe Sale!

Many collectors here in Europe must have noticed it, packages from the US are going by boat these days and are taking a very long time to get here. Shipping from the Netherlands to Germany and the UK is still quite fast, so if you live here and are looking for an unpainted resin to treat yourself with, without waiting ages and paying hefty duty fees, here’s my ‘Slow Boats To Europe Sale’. :)

Prices are in euros and include sales tax and shipping within Europe. Buyers from overseas are welcome too, please add €15 for overseas shipping (and some patience of course). 

Miss Lizzie €299 SOLD
Encanto €312 SOLD
Mini Khan by Sarah Rose €100 SOLD
Veronka (banded Victrix) by Carol Williams €210 SOLD
Barnaby by Nikki Button €90 SOLD
Mini Scarlett by Stacey Tumlinson €120 SOLD

Email me if you are interested in giving one of these guys a new home!

May 23, 2020

Sneak peek: Tassel!

Meet Tassel, my new classic scale Friesian mare sculpture. She's the 'old fashioned', heavier type. Bouncing around, strutting her stuff. I can't wait to sculpt her wavy mane and tail. More pictures coming soon. ;)