April 25, 2020

Nikki's Mojo

Photos and finishwork by Nikki Button
This made my day. What a cutie! My new mini stock gelding Mojo, painted by Nikki Button to a lovely palomino overo. I just got these photos from Nikki, and she also informed me that he is a sales piece! :) You can find him here on MH$P. Unpainted Mojos are available here.

April 10, 2020

Easter eggs

Hope you are well, and I wish you all a very happy Easter! The little Lippizaners are designed by me and made with my new 3D printer, the eggs are made by a chicken and painted by me and my hubby. :)

Tired of painting eggs? Try painting a mini resin. I have some Mojo castings in stock for you here in the Netherlands, and MVS also ships them pretty fast. He will look good in any color.

Get your Mojo here.