September 25, 2021

Traditional Lola!

Many of you have been waiting for her…and here she is! Traditional scale Lola. This full sized version of my very popular mini stock horse mare is an entirely new sculpture. Started from scratch, and filled with details that I didn’t have room for on the little one. There will be a long mane version too, and a special limited edition in ‘pasture potato style’ in 2022. And who knows, she might have a foal next year as well!

The Lola castings will be sold in batches, one mold (45 copies) at a time. This is to ensure we can ship everything in a timely manner. 
Don’t worry, there will be two batches per version, and time payments are welcome. The first batch of Lolas (short mane version) will become available on my website next week, at $315 or €320 per casting.