April 15, 2014

Anduril does it again

Photo by Beth Rappleyea

Yet another victory for Anduril, the Artist's Proof #2 Faran. Anduril was named Artist Resin Light Breed Workmanship champion, and Artist Resin Overall Reserve Grand Champ Workmanship at the recent Southern New England Winter Round Up. Congratulations!

Photo by Beth Rappleyea

April 13, 2014

Last chance to order Fausto

Fausto's edition will be closing at 75 copies. That means there are 12 extra castings available.

UPDATE: The last 12 copies are all gone, Fausto's edition is sold out. Thank you to those who placed an order!

April 2, 2014


Just finished: the adorable Indigo Beau, a curio scale draft horse resin sculpted by Lynn Fraley of Laf'n Bear Studios.

Indigo is not for sale.