June 29, 2019

More Miss Lizzies

My own personal copy of Lizzie, painted by the amazing Caroline Boydston!

And a wonderful splash pinto by Angelica Nelson (Elk Horn Stables Studios), with a custom short mane by Tempestwind Studio.

June 21, 2019

Lizzie painted by Mindy Berg

Have you seen this amazing appy Miss Lizzie by Mindy Berg? I just had to share these pics here too. :)

Instead of completely closing the edition this month, on June 30 only the 6 month time payment option will disappear. This means you can still order Miss Lizzie throughout the summer! Until my next sculpture becomes available. 

June 15, 2019

Breyer Premier Club Rhian & Cadell for sale!

Great news! I have several sets of the lovely Breyer PC welsh mare and foal, Rhian & Cadell, available for sale. The sculptures are designed by me, as well as the finishwork.
They are €155 per set plus shipping. They come in their original packaging, with velvet pouch and COA. Breyer has done a fantastic job recreating these guys in plastic! Read here how Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery fell in love with her set.

Prices are in euros and the ponies ship from the Netherlands. You will receive Rhian & Cadell in their original, unopened box, so you can have the pleasure of unpacking them. :) Unless you would rather have me open the box for you and check the models first, just let me know. 

Shipping: EU countries €10, Netherlands €6, USA/world €24 with tracking (€18 without tracking).

Edit: All sets have been sold, thank you!