July 24, 2020

Here's Tassel!

Tassel is a frisky Friesian mare, happily bouncing around, strutting her stuff. Although her forelegs are off the ground, she has been designed to stand sturdy without a base, and she will be cast with a special technique to make her stand even more secure. This is a very special piece for me, and I hope she will bring you as much joy as she brought me while sculpting. Tassel is full of charm and little details that will make you look at her again and again.

She measures 7.5 x 6.3 inches, or 19 x 16 cm, classic scale. Professionally molded and cast by Mountain View Studios, hollow cast in white resin with wire reinforcements.

Tassel will be an open edition, starting with 20 pre-orders. The pre-orders are available to folks in the US and Canada. Don’t worry if you live elsewhere. When the edition opens next month, Tassel is going to be available worldwide.

The schedule for Tassel’s edition will be
- Friday 7/24: pre-orders for 20 castings, US & Canada only
- End of August: edition opens, worldwide shipping and time payments become available
- October 31: edition closes, last day to place your order


Tassel is with the caster, shipping starts about 4 weeks from now, when the mold is ready.