March 16, 2021

Extra Tassel castings!

Good news! All Tassel orders have been shipped and one of the molds is still good for a small number of extra castings. If you missed out on Tassel, this might be your last chance to snag a copy for the original issue price. And because these are cast to order, time payments are welcome!

You can order your copy directly or start your time payments here
Edit: all extra castings have been reserved, thank you!

Painted by Nikki Button. What color will your Tassel be?

March 11, 2021


The traditional way, for traditional Lola

Everything is still sketchy

And in a more modern fashion, I'm printing parts of Eclair's big brother

February 26, 2021

International pre-orders for Lizette!

10 castings of Lizette are now available on the order page! This time for people in Europe, UK, Russia, Australia and NZ. 

The edition opens to everyone by the end of March.