September 20, 2023

Final batch of Adib released!

The last 24 Adib castings are now available! Worldwide shipping, time payments are welcome. This is the final batch, and the last chance to add this beautiful guy to your collection.

*Order Adib here*
Time payments (4 months) are welcome!

The gorgeous painted Adibs shown here are by Nikki Button.  

September 11, 2023

New mini! Harry, the hairy cob

Isn't he cute? Harry is a sturdy cob gelding (or a mixed draft breed), getting ready for winter. He is sweet and attentive, but a little cheeky too! And always in for a treat, of course.

The first castings are here, the edition is now open for European orders. Don't worry, the original Harry is on his way to the US, and will be released there too.

Order Harry here.

August 10, 2023

A peek in the studio...

Yarah, the new Arabian mare in progress, is having a quiet conversation with Adib. I think they are going to look fantastic together as a set!

If you are looking for an unpainted Adib, there will be one last batch available in September. Sign up for the email newsletter if you don't want to miss this opportunity. ;)

July 4, 2023

Lujo released!

Lujo, the new mini Andalusian/PRE stallion, is now available for ordering! You can find this little stud muffin HERE.
It's an open edition with time payment options, and worldwide shipping.

Lujo is a mini (he started out a as a Nuno resin), but as you can see he has a lot of presence. I can’t wait to see the first painted copies!