September 9, 2022

Julie available this Saturday!

Julie’s mold is ready. On Saturday, 30 copies of Julie will become available in the Sculpture Shop. She will be a very limited edition of only 30-40 copies.

The order buttons for Julie will appear on Saturday, 10 September, around 17:00 hours Central European Summer Time. That’s 11:00 in the morning in New York and 8:00 in LA. 
A newsletter will go out as soon as the buttons are up. Julie, including postage, is $339.

About Julie
Ear fuzz, fetlocks, untidy mane and tail, slightly out of shape, and just waiting for a big hug to let her know she is just the best mare ever!


August 18, 2022

Sneak peek: Julie!

Coco's mom! 
Julie is the pasture potato/broodmare version of Lola. She will be released in September, in a limited edition of just one mold.

July 15, 2022

Perfect Coco copies

The first three Coco castings arrived from Horse and Bird, and they are amazing! I will have some more next week, so the first handful of European orders will ship soon, yay! 
After these have gone out, shipping will resume later this summer.

There are still Nuno castings in stock here as well. ;)
So cute

Look at this beautiful mini Lola painted by Franziska Schlepckow! Now up for offers on MH$P, Franziska will donate 100% of the proceeds to a good cause. Click here to go to the auction.

July 11, 2022

Coco released!

Long mane Lola & Coco

Here she is! Coco! Lola’s adorable new foal. 

Coco is available now in an open edition, you can place your order until 31 July. Worldwide shipping is available, and time payments start at only $39 per month! 

Coco will be cast by MVS (US) and Horse and Bird (Netherlands). 

Julie, the special broodmare version of Lola, will be released in September. But as you can see, Coco also looks great alongside the earlier versions of Lola.