January 30, 2024

A very special Fuerte

Just finished, a dappled buckskin Fuerte with a unique mane and tail. Artist's proof #4, commission. 
Are you a fan of my LB scale Iberian resins? A new addition to the series is in the making! ;)

January 9, 2024

Monday 15 January: Yarah!

Good news, both molds for Yarah are ready! The remaining pre-orders are now being cast.

Yarah will be a limited edition of 90-130 pieces, depending on the interest and how well the molds perform. 45 copies will become available for ordering on Monday 15 January, at around 17:00 hours Central European Time. That’s 11:00 in the morning in New York and 8:00 AM in LA.
A newsletter will go out as soon as the buttons are up. 
Time payments will be welcome this time! Yarah's pricing is the same as Adib

December 1, 2023

Julie painted by Nikki

Photos and finishwork by Nikki Button

My favorite color, on one of my favorite sculptures. Julie, my limited edition stock horse mare from 2022. This copy has a customized tail by Becky Turner, and has been painted by the wonderful Nikki Button. 

Julie is sold out, but in January another lovely mare will become available: Yarah!

November 17, 2023


The “clean out the closet” sale has started! I need some space for new projects, and a nice group of unpainted resins are looking for a new home. Some are perfect, some need repairs or extra prepping. Take a look: https://vingerling.blogspot.com/p/sale.html