August 30, 2019

"Lady Joe"

Photos and finishwork by Joyce Savage

Joyce Savage just finished painting her Miss Lizzie, and made my day by sharing the result. Joyce: "She is a portrait of a paint gelding I owned as a teenager. His name was Gentleman Joe so I named my Lizzie Lady Joe. I just love her."

Thank you so much Joyce, I love seeing my sculptures come to life like this!

 *Please note, Miss Lizzie's edition will close on 30 September 2019.*

August 29, 2019

Encanto: sneak peek!

Standing PRE stallion, traditional scale. Like my curio scale Iberians, but big! :)
And of course he has his own personality. Pre-orders available soon.

August 19, 2019

Gorgeous grey Gabriel

Photo and finishwork by Jaime Castleman

Proud owner Anne Hudson just shared this pic with me, isn't he beautiful? It's my little Friesian sculpture Gabriel, painted by Jaime Castleman to a bay going grey.

If you are interested in acquiring an unpainted copy of Gabriel, email me. I have one copy left. ;)