August 28, 2020

Tassel released!

Woohoo! Tassel is now available for ordering, you can get your copy in the Sculpture Shop page.

The mold is ready, production has started and the first pre-ordered castings will be shipped very soon! The edition is open for 3 months, but there is a limit of 180 castings to make sure we are able to produce and ship all orders in a timely manner. With 180 copies there should be enough to go around, though. :)

July 24, 2020

Here's Tassel!

Tassel is a frisky Friesian mare, happily bouncing around, strutting her stuff. Although her forelegs are off the ground, she has been designed to stand sturdy without a base, and she will be cast with a special technique to make her stand even more secure. This is a very special piece for me, and I hope she will bring you as much joy as she brought me while sculpting. Tassel is full of charm and little details that will make you look at her again and again.

She measures 7.5 x 6.3 inches, or 19 x 16 cm, classic scale. Professionally molded and cast by Mountain View Studios, hollow cast in white resin with wire reinforcements.

Tassel will be an open edition, starting with 20 pre-orders. The pre-orders are available to folks in the US and Canada. Don’t worry if you live elsewhere. When the edition opens next month, Tassel is going to be available worldwide.

The schedule for Tassel’s edition will be
- Friday 7/24: pre-orders for 20 castings, US & Canada only
- End of August: edition opens, worldwide shipping and time payments become available
- October 31: edition closes, last day to place your order


Tassel is with the caster, shipping starts about 4 weeks from now, when the mold is ready.

June 23, 2020

Extra castings

Missed out on Willem-Alexander? I have some extra copies available! 2 are here in the Netherlands and 5 are still at MVS in Tennessee. Original issue price (see details here), paid-in-full only because these guys are ready to ship. Email me if you are interested. I also have a few extra castings of Long Mane Lola available. ;)

June 5, 2020

Just some eye candy

Encanto, painted by Nikki Button

Miss Lizzie, customized by Becky Turner, painted by Nikki Button

Miss Lizzie, painted by...

Nikki again :)

May 28, 2020

Slow Boats To Europe Sale!

Many collectors here in Europe must have noticed it, packages from the US are going by boat these days and are taking a very long time to get here. Shipping from the Netherlands to Germany and the UK is still quite fast, so if you live here and are looking for an unpainted resin to treat yourself with, without waiting ages and paying hefty duty fees, here’s my ‘Slow Boats To Europe Sale’. :)

Prices are in euros and include sales tax and shipping within Europe. Buyers from overseas are welcome too, please add €15 for overseas shipping (and some patience of course). 

Miss Lizzie €299 SOLD
Encanto €312 SOLD
Mini Khan by Sarah Rose €100 SOLD
Veronka (banded Victrix) by Carol Williams €210 SOLD
Barnaby by Nikki Button €90 SOLD
Mini Scarlett by Stacey Tumlinson €120 SOLD

Email me if you are interested in giving one of these guys a new home!

May 23, 2020

Sneak peek: Tassel!

Meet Tassel, my new classic scale Friesian mare sculpture. She's the 'old fashioned', heavier type. Bouncing around, strutting her stuff. I can't wait to sculpt her wavy mane and tail. More pictures coming soon. ;)

April 25, 2020

Nikki's Mojo

Photos and finishwork by Nikki Button
This made my day. What a cutie! My new mini stock gelding Mojo, painted by Nikki Button to a lovely palomino overo. I just got these photos from Nikki, and she also informed me that he is a sales piece! :) You can find him here on MH$P. Unpainted Mojos are available here.

April 10, 2020

Easter eggs

Hope you are well, and I wish you all a very happy Easter! The little Lippizaners are designed by me and made with my new 3D printer, the eggs are made by a chicken and painted by me and my hubby. :)

Tired of painting eggs? Try painting a mini resin. I have some Mojo castings in stock for you here in the Netherlands, and MVS also ships them pretty fast. He will look good in any color.

Get your Mojo here. 

March 11, 2020

Mojo released!

My new mini stock horse gelding, Mojo, is now available for ordering! We already have a number of castings in stock (they look great!) so the first orders will be shipped right away. You can find him here on the Sculpture Shop page. 

February 29, 2020

I met Whistlejacket!

The enormous painting of Whistlejacket (George Stubbs, around 1762), is probably the most famous piece of realistic equine art ever made. The pose is clearly inspired by classical rider portraits, but Stubbs did everything he could to make the stallion look real. You can almost feel the tense muscles in his hindquarters and the soft skin around his armpits. Amazing. And this was achieved in a time when photography didn't exist! Scroll down to the last photo to see how...

He's huge! Much bigger than I expected, almost life sized.

Stubbs knew his dapple greys. So detailed!

Look at the grey mare! This man loved horses.

Stubbs dissected horses in his workshop, hence the stains on this preliminary sketch. His book on horse anatomy has been (and still is) a great source of information for equine artists.

February 14, 2020

Willem-Alexander released!


Draft stallion
5.31 x 5.9 inches (13.5 x 15 cm)

Limited edition of 50 pieces + artist's copies

UPDATE 2020/3/20: Sold out! Here's the original sales info, for reference only.

Willem is back! New mane and tail, same cuddly drafter charm! Willem was originally released in a small run in 2015. To set the new Willem-Alexander apart from the European edition, he has some extra details and a fuller mane and tail.

Willem-Alexander is professionally molded and cast by Mountain View Studios. Solid cast in white resin with wire reinforcements.

Please use the order buttons below to secure your copy. SEPA bank transfers are also welcome, email for info. All prices include shipping.

United States $189 -  additional copies $180
Canada $199 - additional copies $185
Europe (21% sales tax included) €189 - additional copies €179
Australia, NZ, Asia, Russia €180- additional copies €165

Please order your additional Willems on the same day as the first one, so we can combine shipping. 

Time payment plan at no extra cost, sign up for a cycle of 3 monthly payments with the PayPal subscription buttons below.

All prices include shipping costs. You will receive a tracking number when your order has been shipped. Willem-Alexander's mold is ready, the resins will be shipped in order of paid for in full. For US and Canadian addresses, your order will be shipped directly from the caster in Tennessee. All other countries: your order will be shipped to me first, so the package will be coming from the Netherlands.

I can't tell the exact time your order will be ready to ship. It depends on too many factors, like how many orders are ahead of your order, how busy they are at MVS, and of course your location. Most Willem-Alexander orders will ship within 3-6 weeks.