May 21, 2013


Eight Dutch artists from Katwijk, (yours truly included) were invited by ASK, the artists association of Siegen, Germany, to showcase their work in an exhibition in Siegen.

The exhibition was opened on May 19 and can be visited until June 16. My paintings and wire sculpture, all are horse-themed, hang beautifully alongside the amazing and diverse work of the other artists, Gerard Brouwer, Niek van der Plas, Daniel Tavenier, Ageeth van den Oever, Joop van Egmond, Riet Rosier and Dick Hogewoning.
The diversity of styles and materials led to the title Allergerand, which means as much as "a sundry".

A big "thank you" to the people of ASK, Stadt Siegen, Gemeente Katwijk and of course my fellow artists from Katwijk who made this trip an unforgettable experience.