July 31, 2018


Meet Abrantes, the final piece in my series of LB scale Iberians. A powerful lusitano stallion with a lush mane and tail.
To keep this edition special, it will be limited to only 55 pieces. Like his ‘brothers’ Faran, Fausto and Fuerte, Abrantes will be produced as a one mold run.

10 pre-orders (USA shipping only) are now available. You can find Abrantes in the Sculpture Shop on my website.

The pre-order castings are $185 each. The remaining copies will be priced in euros and will ship worldwide. They will become available to order when the mold is ready.

July 7, 2018

Lola painted by Nikki

Too cute for words! Lola, painted by Nikki Button to a flashy bay splash overo, as one of her Breyerfest sales pieces. Click here to see her ad.

Do you want an unpainted Lola? The second version of Lola (long mane) will be released in August.