February 22, 2017

Elderly mare on canvas

A portrait of Elsipa, a lovely chestnut Dutch Warmblood mare, shown here at age 30. She passed away last year and is being sorely missed. This painting was commissioned by her owner.

February 13, 2017

10 x Breyer Django for sale

A box full of Djangos just arrived from Breyer!
I can't keep them all, so here's a chance to own one of these special guys.
Submit your offer in the comments section, or email me. Both US dollars and euros are accepted, please specify your currency (the $ or € sign will do the trick). :)
Offers end on Friday, Feb 17. PayPal only. Shipping costs will be added to your offer. They are €13 within Europe, $20 to anywhere else. Or, if you are going to use your Django for customizing and don't mind risking a little damage, in a flat cardboard box for $7 (worldwide). No extra shipping charges if you buy more than one Django, you only pay for shipping once. 

Oh, and I will sign him for you if you'd like, just ask.

* update: BIDDING CLOSED, thank you! *

#1. Mine. No photo, he's in my curio cabinet and will never leave. 

Django #2
#2. Nice paintwork, some overspray at dock. Good body shape (by this I don't mean "body quality", I mean his body looks good) and legs, pretty normal stance.
Starting offer: $45
Current offer: $68 (RH)

Django #3
#3. Nice coloring. Some tiny rubs/lint, dent in plastic below left hock, small dent in right gaskin. Good body shape, nice legs, stands a little wobbly.
Starting offer: $45
Current offer: $55 (SJ)

Django #4
#4. Good body shape & legs, nice coloring, some overspray at eyes and tail, little imperfection on back. Stands well.
Starting offer: $45
Current offer: $45 (CJ)

Django #5
#5. Nice shading (slightly darker), crisp markings, great body shape, nice legs, stands well. Tiny speck of yellow paint (?) on back. Stands well.
Starting offer: $45
Current offer: $60 (CO)

Django #6
#6. This guy is wider behind the shoulder blades, he seems a bit squashed between the withers and armpits. Legs are nice though, and he stands well. Coloring is nice, some overspray here and there.
Starting offer: $35
Current offer: $35 (KOS)

Django #7
#7. This one is also a little wider in front, not as much as #6 though. Left ear is bent inwards a little. Left front leg is fine, the right one is erm... spaghettified. It is bent in all the wrong places. Seams on neck and the spaghettileg are a little choppy. As for the paint, some overspray and slightly misplaced markings.
Starting offer: $20
Current offer: $30 (MN)

Django #8
#8. Pretty normal body shape. Right front is not as bad as unlucky #7, but still not as it should be. Some little dents on seams. Nice coloring (lighter variety). Tail is painted darker than usual. Stands well.
Starting offer: $35
Current offer: $35 (KOS)

Django #9
#9. Nice body & legs. Right ear tip is bent downwards. Misplaced marking at dock. White discoloration in the white marking on right hind leg, no idea what it is. Stands okay.
Starting offer: $30
Current offer: $30 (MBW)

Django #10
#10. Body shape is fine, front legs are a little warped. Feet are blobbier than usual. Dent in plastic below left hock. Seam on chest is a little choppy. Tail much darker, with some overspray on hind legs. Stands pretty well.
Starting offer: $30
Current offer: $35 (MN)

Django #11
#11. This poor fellow is really squashed, with a uniquely shaped girth area. Too bad, the coloring is quite nice. He stands well, but very narrow in front, which makes his chest look even wider. Kinda cute though. :)
Starting offer: $15
Current offer: $35 (KOS)

#11 again, just looking for love.

I've done my best to describe them accurately, if you are familiar with the Django mold you will see some common issues. All of them have one or two slightly blobby feet, a peculiar right front leg, a few light pinpoint marks and a more experienced Breyer collector will undoubtedly find other things on them that I don't even know the name of. So no guarantees as to whether they are LSQ or not.

Happy bidding! :)