January 31, 2019

Miss Lizzie pre-orders, 12 available!

UPDATE: All 12 pre-orders are sold, thank you! Edition will open later in February. International orders and time payments will be welcome then.

This is going to be a semi-open edition. Available for ordering 3-4 months, or until a certain number of castings is reached (to keep it logistically possible to ship everything in time).

January 30, 2019

Miss Lizzie: ready for detailing

Stay tuned, I will be taking pre-orders soon. Miss Lizzie is sculpted in 1:9 scale (about the same size as the Stone ISH, maybe just a tad smaller).

January 7, 2019

How it's made: the ingredients

For this picture I collected all the things I use to make my sculptures. Not necessarily in the quantities I need for one sculpture, otherwise you would see a heap consisting mainly of nitrile gloves, aluminum foil and toothpicks.

Not pictured here: the 4000+ reference pictures on my iPad, and the little saw I use when things have gone wrong badly. And my sweet husband who is just the greatest support.

I like to keep the process as simple as possible.