Order page Lizette

Lizette pre-orders (Europe, UK, Australia, etc.) are sold, thank you!

Lizette, the second version of my popular traditional scale stock horse mare Miss Lizzie. She has a new, longer mane and tail, a more detailed face and her ears are now pricked forward, giving her a whole new look.

Lizette is a limited edition of 85 pieces + artist’s copies. The castings are being sold in 3 stages. 

1. 12 pre-orders (US and Canada only) have been sold on January 29 to help fund the molding,

2. Another 10 pre-orders were available on February 26, this time for people in Europe and other countries. It will take about 6-8 weeks before the castings are ready to ship.

3. End of March: the rest of the edition opens up. In this final stage, worldwide shipping is available and time payments will be welcome.

Need inspiration for a color for Lizette? Take a look at the gallery with painted Miss Lizzies.