Atelier Josine Vingerling proudly presents

In English Fine Bone China
Manufactured by Animal Artistry in Herefordshire, UK

Limited edition of 30-40 pieces. Approx. 11.2 cm or 4.4 inches high. Fausto can be purchased with or without a base, in three standard colors, as a glazed or unglazed bisque or in a custom color glaze. The standard colors feature interesting details that are characteristic for Iberian breeds (email me if you need reference photos). The base is designed to compliment the lines of the horse. The edition is sold out.

Standard Color 1 - Bay
A rich mahogany bay, with beautiful dark shading. Ears with dark rims and tan "fuzz" inside. Shaded mane and tail. Two socks on hind legs, with ermine spots and striped hooves. Pictured here in satin finish.
Sold out

Standard Color 2 - Chestnut
Typical "Spanish" chestnut. A rich color with dark shading on nasal bone, cheeks, dorsal stripe, etc. Dark grey skin, ears with a darker brown tip and lighter "ear fuzz" inside. Beautifully shaded mane and tail. Four white socks, and a snip on his nose. Pictured here in glossy finish, with two different backgrounds. The actual color is somewhere between both.
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Standard Color 3 - Dapple Grey
 A soft, dappled, dove grey body color. Intricate detailing everywhere. Expertly glazed color variations on the lower legs. Beautifully shaded mane and tail in warmer colors. Pictured in satin finish.
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Custom Glazed
In a color of your choice. To make sure that your custom color comes out exactly how you want it, please provide a clear description of the color and markings, along with reference photos of either a real horse or a glazed china. 
Sold out

Unglazed or clear glazed bisque
Enjoy the sculpture in it's pure form, or glaze it yourself. Available with a clear glossy or satin glaze, or unglazed. It is important to handle (unglazed) bisque china carefully and to limit touching the unfinished body with your hands.
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Your Fine Bone China Fausto will be shipped to you directly from Animal Artistry in England, in a custom foam-fitted box. All prices include worldwide shipping.
Production time varies from 8 weeks (bisques) to up to 8 months for custom glazed pieces.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you.